“What’s Direct Primary Care?”

Direct Primary Care, or DPC, puts patients first by getting rid of the red tape by which most other traditional practices are restricted. DPC is a healthcare model in which the patient pays a monthly fee for extended access to his/her doctor to address problems as they arise WHEN they arise. It is a healthcare model which allows for your doctor to care for you when you need it most. While we encourage all patients to have health insurance for unexpected medical catastrophes, we do not think insurance is needed for most primary medical care. And, certainly, we can provide the most affordable, cost-effective care to you in our clinic without insurance involvement.

Direct Primary Care is a healthcare model focused on putting the patient first. That means treating them when they need it, never rushing patients through appointments, and being proactive with healthcare treatment plans. The doctor-patient relationship is just as the name suggests – direct. Direct Primary Care clinics don’t accept insurance. Rather, they choose to work directly with the patient, providing wholesale labs and xrays, deeply discounted prescription prices, and other costs savings along the way.

“What is Nampa Direct Care?”

Nampa Direct Care is Nampa’s first Direct Primary Care practice. We offer a pattern of family healthcare that is timely, thorough, comprehensive, specific, easily affordable, and very, very personal.

“Is concierge medicine the same as Direct Primary Care?”

The terms are often used interchangeably and essentially refer to the same principles. But they are different. Generally, concierge doctors bill a yearly fee to the patient for improved access and longer appointment times, but they usually bill insurance companies as well for office visits and procedures.  Their prices will often be higher because their business model has not reduced much of the unnecessary overhead of the insurance-based medical clinic.

“What sets Nampa Direct Care apart from other practices?”

We have cut the red tape of bureaucracy. The restrictions that typically leave physicians in a traditional healthcare setting buried in nonsense paperwork are lifted through direct care, allowing us to spend our time where it really counts – with patients. We value the sanctity of the patient-physician relationship, and we believe our model allows for clinical excellence and compassionate knowledge of every patient. In customized family healthcare at Nampa Direct Care, we promise accessibility, convenience, and affordability.

“Will I benefit from Nampa Direct Care if I don’t require frequent medical attention?”

Of course. We might argue that everyone benefits from a service tailored directly to them. That’s why we offer truly customized healthcare. With the opportunity to ask health-related questions any time, you can avoid simple concerns escalating to serious urgent or emergent problems. One visit to the ER can easily cost you five times what a whole year of direct care would cost you.

“Does Nampa Direct Care accept health insurance?”

No. Happily, no. We have experienced that health insurance has raised the cost of health care to the point that even basic healthcare is no longer affordable. We would like to see health insurance go back to being just insurance for catastrophic needs because we can keep the cost of our services very affordable for our patients.

We forgo insurance payments in order to save our patients from the arbitrary, intrusive decisions that inevitably follow with third-party payers. Furthermore, this direct fee-for-services arrangement frees us from the typical contractual agreements that prevent physicians from offering wholesale prices on laboratory tests, imaging, and medications.

“As a patient of Nampa Direct Care, will I still need health insurance?”

Yes. We recommend our patients continue a major medical plan with a high deductible and health savings account to ensure financial help should hospitalization or referral to a specialist be necessary. We’re happy to refer you to insurance representatives who can help customize an insurance plan to your specific needs.


“If I have Medicare, can I still join Nampa Direct Care?”

Not yet. But soon! We need to build the practice to at least half its capacity and then our doctor can stop doing extra work moonlighting to support his family. When he is done moonlighting he can “opt out” of Medicare. And THEN Yes! You need only sign a one-time waiver declaring that neither you nor your doctor will directly bill Medicare for our services. Medicare will still cover any laboratory testing, imaging, medications, or hospitalizations prescribed by our offices.

If you are a Medicare patient and are as convinced that DPC is right for you as we are, you can help spread the word to others in Nampa/Caldwell and help us grow faster so we can accept you as a patient very soon.

“Is my membership to Nampa Direct Care tax deductible?”

Unfortunately, no. Your retainer is not yet defined as a “medical expense” in most states and as such is not deductible. Please confer with your tax consultant to clarify tax consequences in your particular circumstances.

“What happens if I need to go to the hospital or see a specialist?”

In providing superb care with unprecedented sorts of access, we seek to prevent or reduce hospitalizations and specialty referrals. In instances where those types of care are required, we will certainly continue to work with your hospitalist during your hospital stay as well as work closely with any specialist. In some cases, depending on the level of care and expertise required, we may rely on those specialized caregivers to manage your treatment.

“Can children become members of Nampa Direct Care?”

Yes. We are happy to accept the children (birth to 18 years of age) of our enrolled clients. At least one parent must be enrolled as well. At this time, we are not able to provide routine vaccinations for young children but we will happily work with you to arrange these.

“Can I contact my physician after hours? And how?”

By all means, yes! Because illness and injury do not respect regular office hours, you may call your physician any day, at any hour. We invite you to arrange for home visits, schedules permitting. If you prefer, you may also use our secure patient portal to access your medical record and then e-mail your physician. It’s how we do custom healthcare.

“What if I need medical attention while I’m away from home?”

We believe direct care to be the best form of medical attention while away, so naturally we provide such care. You can contact us directly with questions and even do a virtual visit by webcam/facetime. This is yet another freedom we enjoy together as a result of our independence from the restrictions of third-party payment. Because we know you well, we can streamline your care when you’re sick away from home. Many illnesses can be diagnosed and treated with a simple conversation by phone, email, text or webcam. We’ll locate the nearest pharmacy and order the medications most appropriate for your circumstances. And we can help you determine how urgent your condition is, and if you need to seek an urgent care or ER.

“Are my medical records ever shared with insurance carriers or pharmaceutical companies?”

We maintain scrupulous standards of privacy. We are never obligated to provide any third party with a copy of your records unless you specifically ask that we do so.

“How will I know if Nampa Direct Care is right for me?”

Come get to know us! Schedule a free, no-obligation visit to discuss your healthcare needs. It’s the only reasonable way to begin what we trust will be a long, productive, healthy relationship. Contact us today.