Membership fees

We at Nampa Direct Care believe that transparency in pricing of medical care has been lacking and hinders patients ability to seek care when they need it most. Our simple pricing structure will give you peace of mind when it comes to health care expenses. Our tiered pricing model is based on the age of the patient. We are passionate about pricing transparency.

  • Ages 0-19: $19/month with enrolled adult
  • Ages 20-39: $49/month
  • Ages 40-59: $74/month
  • Ages 60+: $99/month

Note: there is a one-time $99 enrollment fee per family.

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Doctor visits at clinic, during regular hours and communications (email, phone, text) are provided without any additional fees.


Labs and Imaging

Labs and radiologic imaging are provided under direct contract at a wholesale prices and almost always save our patients more than 75% on cost. The reason we are given these prices is the patient pays for the service the day it is provided, and the company providing the service doesn’t have to deal with the hassle or wait time that exists when accepting money from insurance companies.

see price list here

Procedure costs

  • Stitches: typical charge: $400-$1000+, member price: $0
  • Skin lesion removal: typical charge: $100-$500, member price: $0
  • Cryotherapy: typical charge: $300-$500, member price: $0
  • DOT (CDL) physicals: typical charge: status pending
  • Work physicals: typical charge: $100+, member price: $0
  • IUD removal: typical charge: $250, member price: $0
  • Most procedures are at no cost except for wholesale reimbursement of the supplies utilized which will be communicated prior to the procedure so you don’t have to worry about hidden charges.


Prescription medications

For member convenience and a 50%-90% savings, we offer many prescription medications at wholesale pricing. Prescriptions can also be sent to a pharmacy if needed.


Health insurance

We do not work with any health insurance providers. We are an independent, alternative way to receive your primary health care, but not a complete substitute for health insurance. We encourage, but do not require, our members to carry some type of health insurance policy in case of unexpected, expensive health events such as surgery or hospitalization.

If you have a PPO-style health insurance plan, you can still elect to use your insurance coverage elsewhere (specialists, pharmacy, etc.) just as normal when needed

If you have questions about how health insurance is best structured with our services, we are happy to discuss it with you.

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